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CA FasteigheterCA Saint Petersburg is part of Claesson & Anderzen AB , with subsidiaries, usually called the CA-Group. The CA Group is an almost 100 year old real estate investment company, still family owned and currently in the third generation of ownership. CA: develops, owns, and manages a real estate portfolio of some 650.000 sqm spread out over different segments and regions. Some two thirds of the portfolio is located in Sweden, the remainder in Germany, Estonia and Russia.

Territorial division.

CA is the main owner of the Sweden House and responsible for management of the house. It is our firms believe that the basis for success in real estate is the personal relation with the tenant. We offer professional western property management and are always open for suggestions.

Parnas ParkIn addition to the Sweden House, CA is co-owner in the mixed use development Parnas Park; consisting of a retail center and office park bordering with Mega Ikea Parnas in the north of Saint Petersburg. CA also owns several land plots for build to suit development of either big box retail or industrial premises, and is actively looking for new projects.

For any questions related to the Sweden House, our other projects, and all your real estate inquiries concerning Saint Petersburg, please feel free to contact us.

Jan Borekull
General Director CA St. Petersburg

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